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Flo-dell Building and Remodeling is a fully licensed and insured Design/Build Remodeling construction company
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We manage the full range of services for our customers for both interior and exterior residential remodeling. Our years of experience have brought us numerous innovative ideas and taught us the skills and techniques to make them a reality. Examples of our work include renovation, remodeling, additions, and construction for kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, decks, sunrooms, and other housing needs.


5 Habits for a Cleaner Home

5 Habits for a Cleaner Home

Introduction and the Need for Habits when Keeping the House Clean
dusting_smEstablishing the habits needed to keep a house clean is important for maintaining a clean environment in the home. Repeating an act can lead to the creation of a habit. Caring for a home repeatedly in the same way will lead to the creation of that habit. By repeating behaviors, you naturally begin to adopt those actions as your regular behavior and do the actions automatically, without question or conscious thought.

Simple housekeeping activities can become second nature by merely repeating them often enough. Identify those behaviors to help yourself streamline your cleaning routines:

After using a dish, wash or place it in the dishwasher immediately.
Hang up clothes that you take off immediately.
Wipe up spills as they occur. Wipe an area larger than the original spill to ensure that your entire floor routinely receives a wipe-down. Keep wipe – up supplies handy to make unexpected clean-ups easier

Encourage all family members to bring their dirty clothes to a central location to avoid clutter in individual bedrooms and to make collecting the laundry a simple affair.
Keep cleaning supplies in an easy-to-use location to facilitate cleaning various rooms.

Determine Ahead of Cleaning Days Which Tasks You Want to Incorporate into a Regular Routine to Make it Easier to Clean Your Home
An active home will get dirty as the occupants live in it. Sharing good habits with other occupants can help minimize the amount of cleaning that a living space requires. The more thoroughly you can train your fellow occupants, the less general housecleaning you will have to do. Ideally, individuals in your home should become responsible for their own areas once they become over a certain age.

Conclusion – Capitalize on the impact of well-chosen cleaning habits on your home and home life:
A well-organized home can save you time and even improve your quality of life. Being able to find everything you need when you need it and be able to use it immediately without having to first clean it or prepare it for use can make your life run more smoothly and predictably. Being able to form habits to this end will make your life proceed more agreeably and with less tension caused by performing the mechanics of life such as house cleaning. With Each person in the household chipping in to maintain the cleanliness of the home, the home should remain clean and orderly.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Water and Flood Damage Restoration Company

Water and flood damage can be devastating to homeowners due to the amount of repairs that are needed. Mold and fungus can also quickly develop if the water sits too long on the property, which can make the home uninhabitable. When hiring a water and flood damage restoration company, there are a few tips to follow to finding the right professionals to restore the damage.


It’s important to hire a restoration company that has at least five years of experience in the industry to ensure that they’re qualified to take on the task. Those who have worked on various properties that have water or flood damage are qualified to know the techniques and methods needed to restore the home and furnishings.Try
Water Damage Tulsa.

Professional Equipment

You’ll need to use a restoration company that uses professional tools and equipment to ensure that all of the water is properly removed and that the home is cleaned well. The extent of damage that water can do on a property requires high-end equipment to preserve the materials and furniture in the home to reduce the risk of loss from the incident.


Find a water and flood damage restoration company who is happy to provide their referrals to ensure that you can talk to former clients and ask about their experience. This will verify the quality of the services that are provided and can make it easier to trust the professionals before they arrive. Ask the former customers if they were happy with the services and if the job was completed in the estimated timeframe.

Fair Pricing

Although it can be easy to use the cheapest restoration company in the local area after obtaining multiple quotes, it’s important to avoid hiring someone that offers a low price for their services. The most reputable companies are those who use quality chemicals and equipment in your home without cutting corners to ensure that the property is restored to its original condition. Look for a company that has fair pricing that is still competitive to ensure that you obtain quality services.

When looking for a water and flood damage restoration company, it’s important to be thorough with questions that you ask to ensure that you can trust the professionals. By obtaining services through the right company, you can enjoy moving back into your home after extensive water damage has occurred.