How to Replace a Toilet (Step-by-Step) by Home Repair Tutor

How to Replace a Toilet (Step-by-Step) by Home Repair Tutor

Anybody can replace a toilet. This tutorial is meant to help anyone who wants to install a new toilet in an old bathroom.

Before we begin there are 5 things to consider when buying a toilet:

1. Rough-in
2. Height
3. Shape
4. Color
5. New Technologies

Always know your rough-in before getting the new toilet. This is the measurement from the closet flange bolts to the wall (not the baseboard).

Height is personal preference, but if you can test the height at the store that’s a good thing.

Shape is easy. Most of the time your choices are round or elongated. Round is good for tight bathrooms…by that I mean small.

Color is again a personal preference. I recommend having the toilet match the vanity and tub.

Technologies have changed with toilets. In today’s tutorial we install the VorMax toilet which has better cleaning action than a traditional throne (had to throw in a little funniness).

The first step in replacing a toilet should be to remove the old one. I have a good video on how to do that

The next step is to inspect the closet flange and fix it if need be. I have a good video on how to do that, too

And finally, when you’re ready to install the toilet you can watch this video

For a complete step-by-step written tutorial and supply list check out

How to Replace a Toilet

Btw, this is my CYA, I’m not responsible for any toilet leaks…it’s up to you to inspect your work and make sure it’s up to code. This video is meant to be for entertainment purposes.