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DITRA-HEAT Heated Flooring Systems Installation (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor

DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems are great for tile floors. We share the complete installation in our video and on our site

Here is the break down of the steps for the DITRA-HEAT installation:

Step 1 = Planning DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems
Step 2 = Gathering materials
Step 3 = Setting DITRA-HEAT membrane
Step 4 = Heating cable tips before installation
Step 5 = Conductor resistance test
Step 6 = Conductor and ground braid continuity test
Step 7 = Insulation resistance test, read more information about resistance test at
Step 8 = Floor temperature sensor test
Step 9 = Heating cable cold splice installation
Step 10 – Heating cable installation in membrane
Step 11 – Thermostat sensor installation
Step 12 – DITRA-HEAT thermostat installation
Step 13 – Fill studs with unmodified thin-set

read more information about heating maintenance at

Watch our video for the full DITRA-HEAT installation

read more information about carpet installation and cleaning that can be a perfect match with DITRA-HEAT at

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